Hilltop Horsemanship does not currently have any boarding openings.

Board is $375 month and includes the following:

  • Access to rotating grass pastures
  • High quality hay
  • A stall for use in inclement weather, injuries, waiting for the vet, etc
  • Chia seeds and free choice minerals
  • Rotational deworming every other month
  • Fly mask and fly spray application in the summer
  • Blanketing in the winter
  • Use of the 75 x 140 foot arena with rubber footing (we snow blow in the winter for year-round use)

A peaceful environment

The focus of the facility is to provide a place where horses can develop optimum mental and physical health. The 5-6 horses at the facility live together, providing a small, stable herd environment. They split their time between a dirt paddock and rotating grass pastures. Horses are turned out 24/7 with access to a large run-in barn. Their is also a stall barn and horses are kept in during inclement weather at no additional charge.

Hilltop Horsemanship is primarily a private training facility, so the barn is often quiet and the atmosphere is low-stress for the horses. Owner and trainer, Michelle, very much enjoys having others to ride with and works to make the boarders feel at home.


The land on the farm is comprised of acres of green pastures and a large dirt paddock. Four strands of brand new poly-coated electric fencing was installed in 2013. Posts are either wood or a semi-flexible wood/plastic composite. The layout of the farm was planned to ensure optimum safety and health of the horses.

The buildings include a large barn which houses the 12 x 30 foot run-in area. It also has room to hold several hundred bales of hay in the winter. Also on the property is a five-stall barn with a wide, well-ventilated aisle way.

Feed and nutrition

Boarders provide their own grain, so horses are able to be fed a diet that best fits their personal needs. High quality hay is fed 3x day in the winter and as needed in the summer to supplement the grass. Horses have access to free-choice minerals and are fed chia seeds in their grain at no additional cost.

Chia Seeds

Chia is an oil seed high in Omega-3s. They promote a healthy coat, stronger, faster growing hooves, help prevent laminitis and insulin disorders as well as many other things.

Boarders at Hilltop Horsemanship are fed chia seeds in their grain at no extra charge.

The Arena

The arena at Hilltop Horsemanship was built in 2013. It consists of a compacted gravel base, a thick, compacted layer of screenings and approximately 1.5-2 inches of shredded rubber. The finished dimensions are 75 feet by 140 feet.

Shredded rubber is a fantastic footing for many reasons. It is virtually dust free, has lots of impact absorption, drains well and doesn't freeze in the winter.