About Michelle

The Beginning

Michelle Edwards began her career with horses in a very traditional way, taking lessons and leasing. At age 12, she got her first pony and became very interested in dressage. This interest led to more lessons, showing and traveling around New England as a groom. Many of those experiences were fun and educational, but eventually her interests changed with a desire to have more positive interactions with horses.

Education and Focus

In the summer of 2001, Michelle met a horsewoman who led her down a path toward better horsemanship. Michelle worked with this trainer for many years, including a summer as a working student. Since then, Michelle has studied and ridden with many fantastic clinicians and instructors. She has spent time in Arizona, Texas and Montana continuing her education. In 2016, she was a Legacy of Legends Scholarship winner – an organization run by Buck Brannaman and Carolyn Hunt (Ray Hunt's widow). Michelle's focus has been on riding and training techniques that teach communication between horse and rider, with an emphasis on not only what maneuvers the rider can get the horse to do, but how the horse is feeling about the interaction.


After owning her own boarding and training facility in Maine, Michelle streamlined her responsibilities so that she could spend more time traveling and teaching. Michelle loves teaching lessons and training horses professionally. She aims to work with her clients in such a way that both the horse and human feel good about the process.